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Business opportunity: Sugar & Alcohol Mills for Sale in Brazil

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Looking for sugar and ethanol factories to purchase? We have the right investment opportunity for you!


We are a company specialized in sugar, ethanol and renewable energy sectors in Brazil. Contact M5 Commoddities Brazil for:

* Prospecting and access to purchase or lease of Ethanol and Sugar mills in the best and most profitable Brazilian regions;

* Sale of large tracts of productive land with sugarcane, including long-term contracts (over 20 years) for the supply of sugarcane to large sugar and ethanol producers;

* Advice for forming a joint venture for the sugar and alcohol industry;

* Advice for opening of companies in Brazilian territory, aiming at the formation of future partnerships with the sugar and alcohol industry in Brazil.

* Advising to purchase sugar commodities based on futures markets;

Our client portfolio includes:

* 7 sugarcane / alcohol processing plants; factories with supply of sugar cane, available for sale;

* 2 wind farms in full activity, with long-term contracts to supply electricity to the federal grid.

Sugarcane can be used to produce

Please note - we are not allowed to disclose many details about ethanol plants for sale, unless to well qualified clients; and most sellers do not allow us to announce their offer at all. Should you consider investing in ethanol plants, we will need a full presentation on you, showing that you are willing and able to make such investment. We are used to work under strict confidentiality and are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement should you require.

Transactions of ethanol plants are not like any normal farming or real estate transactions. Although a number of virtual brokers are dreaming of million dollar commissions and listing plants for sale, we work with specialized partners who can assess the real production/market potential and profitability of ethanol plants.

Business Opportunities

1 - Sugar & Alcohol Mills

(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Produces sugar and ethanol

This sugar mill is located in Sao Paulo region and it has a new 4 year operating engine. It has a capacity for 1,500,000 TON / YEAR and 4 Suits - 66

2 - Sugar & Alcohol Mills 

(Region of Sao Paulo)

Produces sugar and ethanol


This sugar mills can have a 10.000 bags daily production of sugar and 370.000 liters production of alcohol.

3 - Ethanol & Sugar Mills (Region of Minas Gerais and Goiania)

Produces Sugar, Alcohol and Energy


This sugar mill may have its capacity increased to 15 million tons per year. The current capacity is 3,000,000 TON / YEAR

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